We Welcome You to Meet Our Amazing Artists

Donna Wocher
Rachel Tirosh
Kathy Wilson
Joyce Barron Leopardo

Exhibit remains to November 2020

Art Liaisons provides the artwork for Wine Gallery.

Art Director and Curator for Art Liaisons, Gail Sjoman provides Curator Services for Public Spaces. Her team of artists exhibits amazing artwork for sale or commission work of their art.

Each exhibit remains for three months, then Gail curates a new exhibit to transform the space and showcase new local artists. All the pieces you see at Wine Gallery are for sale.

Learn more about Art Liaisons & to purchase artwork contact, Gail.

650-590-9487 / gailsjoman@artliaisons.com


Donna Wocher

Donna Wocher is known for her vibrant abstract colorful paintings. Her paintings contain impressions of nature, places, and people. A flowing, moving, energy is evident in her images. The compositional lines are energetic and jumpy. Donna imbues her abstracts with color. Color that’s active and quirky, bold, and demure. Through color you enter a world of emotions, thoughts, dreamscapes and corporal worlds. The idea is for the color to sing you awake and into the world; to enjoy beauty and delight in being alive.
She uses many tools and layers of resins, pastes, and glazes to create depth. Layers are added and subtracted in a sort of peek a boo game to get the finished composition. The initial layers create a hide and seek of textures and patterns where anything is possible until definite choices are made to finish the piece.

artwork – acrylic on canvas or rice paper

Rachel Tirosh

Rachel Tirosh’s second act as an artist is proof of life beyond high-tech.A self-taught artist, she grew up in a family who believed in the do-it-yourself model.
Rachel’s first career was in electrical engineering. She spent a significant amount of time learning and following specific rules to design electronic systems. With art, this is not the case and she relishes the freedom of no right or wrong way to create. There are no rules, so she isn’t breaking any. Art simply invites the desire for free expression without boundaries. She is playing with texture and colors to evoke feelings of balance, tranquility, peace of mind, and harmony through her art.
Rachel now participates in a variety of exhibitions, art fairs and open studios throughout the Northern California Bay Area. Her work can be viewed at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley and Gallery 9 Los Altos CA.

artwork – acrylic and mixed media

Kathy Wilson

Kathy grew up in Los Angeles but fell in love with the Bay Area during her years at Stanford, where she studied Art History and spent her junior year abroad.
Moving here in her early 30s, she had a long career at hi-tech companies spearheading projects and global “voice of the customer” programs. She has been exploring her passion for painting off and on most of her life, sharing her work with friends and family and exhibiting in venues across the SF Bay Area. She is also a freelance writer and editor who helps her clients navigate today’s tricky marketing communications landscape.

artwork – oil and mixed media

Joyce Barron Leopardo

Michigan born and educated Joyce Barron Leopardo has lived in San Francisco for the past 32 years. Joyce has worked in the business world, while still following her passion for art. Barron’s work is represented in the collection of Stanford and Mills-Peninsula Hospitals plus many private collections both in the United States and Europe and India. Barron also donates her time to both private and civic organizations for the arts. She has been Juror & Tutor and has received many awards. Primarily using water media, Barron is an artist who is interested in developing her personal style with technique and unique effects and wishes to convey her inner feelings and spirit on paper and canvas.
Joyce provides students with guidance and support in classroom surroundings. Her experience tells her that those seeking more knowledge to master their individual techniques will benefit from her loving spirit, along with an extensive background of artistic style, color and commitment.
Barron fuses this sensual fluid water media with a wonderful awareness that comes from seeing, feeling and touching something and then sharing this with others. Her goal is to share with you a moment in time, space, color, the mood of a particular moment, and the ultimate experience of being. She intends to captivate your soul!

artwork – acrylic or w/c