Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie Plates

1 item $8, 2nd item add $7, each additional item add $5

Cheese served with fig spread, honey and baguette

Charcuterie served with drizzled EVOO, mustard, cornichon, and baguette, sub GF crackers $2

Brillat Savarin
Soft ripened triple creme cow’s milk cheese imported from France. Soft, creamy, buttery

Meredith Dairy Feta
Soft, creamy goat’s milk cheese from Australia. Marinated in EVOO, herbs and peppercorns. Unlike any feta you’ve ever had, we promise!

A combination of French Style soft ripened triple creme cow’s milk cheese and Italian Gorgonzola, imported from Germany. Creamy, rich and slightly tangy

Red Wax Gouda
Semi-firm cow’s milk cheese from the Netherlands. Mild with a slight nuttiness

Balarina Goat Gouda
Hard goat’s milk cheese from the Netherlands. Tangy, nutty, savory and richly textured!

Italian Dry Salami
Molinari’s Italian dry cured fine minced pork with garlic and other spices

Spanish Chorizo
Coarse ground pork sausage flavored with paprika. Bold and mildly spicy!

Italian dry cured ham aged 16 months in the pure sweet air of Parma


Bacon Gouda Quiche
​Bacon, gouda cheese, crispy onions, heavy cream and eggs baked in a golden puff pastry crust ​

Spinach Feta Quiche​
Sautéed spinach with garlic and onion, heavy cream and eggs baked in a golden puff pastry crust ​

Feta & Olive Plate ​
Meredith Dairy Feta Cheese, Divina mixed olives ​

Truffled Popcorn​​
Fresh popped popcorn tossed with truffle oil and truffle salt ​

Mom’s Artichoke Dip ​
Artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese, garlic, served hot with crostinis ​

Hummus & Pita
House made hummus (flavors vary) drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by Divina mixed olives and toasted pita triangles ​

Chipotle Chorizo Quesadilla ​
Spanish style Chorizo, house 3 cheese blend of Cotija,Manchego and Mozzarella, Chipotle aioli, flour tortilla ​

Honey Buffalo Wings ​
Breaded and oven baked, tossed in house made honey buffalo sauce (7pcs) ​


Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding
Organic Pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and brioche bread baked in a creamy custard, topped with Maple Bourbon syrup and toasted Pecans ​

Add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream